Signature Bites

Welcome to Signature Bites, the podcast for local spots

(December 18, 2016 - Miami, FL) – Self-proclaimed foodies Vardine and Lynda are launching a new podcast “Signature Bites,” in which they will interview local restaurant owner/chef within the Miami area to dish on specialties/ most popular recipe while preparing the meals. The series is meant to provide the community different areas to meant up, socialize and eat a variety of outlet. The first 7 episodes of the first season of Signature Bites and it will touch base on a wide variety of local chef, including how to prepare the food and cooking tips. We are so excited to launch our new Signature Bites on January 02, 2017.

Vardine and me love love dining out, and lately, it seems to the same restaurants over and over again and yet on our way home, we always see these idyllic hidden jewels and wonder why didn’t eat there? Make plans for a later date and only for the same thing to occur. I honestly believe that the big chain restaurants are overly and heavily marketing their brand and trying to ruin mom and pop eateries. Signature Bites gives neighborhood bistros the opportunity to shine and gives our and your taste bud something to be intrigued about.

Local restaurant includes

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